Sangha by the Sea

Our Community Practices Mindful Living and Meditation in Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

It has been said that 84,000 doors lead to the Dharma. This web site may turn into one of these doors for you. We invite you to explore the sublime teachings of the Buddha, which have–even after 2,500 years– the power to transform lives.

If you are quite new to the teachings, consider yourself an explorer setting foot in a new land. Everything you meet is fresh and exciting. Some of it seems strange and unfamiliar, but you have come to take it all in with a mind that is free of pre-judging. Then try living in this new land for a while. Adopt its life­style known as mindfulness. Practice sitting meditation with the locals and join them as they move with slow, deliberate steps in walking meditation. Take part in their chanting, their quaint habit of bowing, and even in their prostrations…. Use the Five Mindfulness Trainings to examine yourself, and every so often pause for a moment to reflect on whether your life is changing for the better.

No one will be asking you to accept anything on faith. The Buddha simply beckons all of us to “ehi passiko” or “come and see” for ourselves, and to test his teachings in everyday life. When our heart is searching for a better way to live, the only other thing we need is a mind that is slightly ajar.

Practice Time & Place

Our meeting space is the Moon Room at Yoga by the Sea in the heart of Roberts Creek.  We meet every Tuesday night (except statutory holidays). The door opens at 6:45 PM.  By 7:00 PM all will have taken their seats, so that everyone is ready and comfortable when the bell is invited.

Before you attend for the first time, please request our free “Introductory Material” by visiting our Contact webpage and filling out the contact form.